SHiFT Partner Launch at Automotive Recyclers Association Convention and Expo

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SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative to Help Auto Recyclers Boost Environmental Protections by Recycling End-of-Life Cars and Trucks

Visit booth 914 at the ARA Annual Convention to learn how vehicle donations can lead to reduced carbon emissions



KANSAS CITY, MO (October 10, 2023) – The internal combustion engine is a mainstay of both the automotive and the recycling industries. As automotive manufacturers progress towards electrification, more people are looking for ways to retire their ICE vehicles with the assurance of knowing they will be reducing their carbon footprint. Enter the SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative, an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) program that provides significant incentives for Certified Automotive Recyclers to remove or re-use as many original equipment parts from ELV vehicles as possible.

SHiFT is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of vehicle owners who desire to fully retire the carbon producing component of their vehicle. Through a unique partnership with the Automotive Recycling Training Institute (ARTI), ownership of a consumer’s vehicle is processed by the nation’s leading Certified Automotive Recyclers to ensure dismantling follows strict environmental protocols from start to finish.

As part of this initiative, SHiFT will support the important work of ARTI, a 501c3 which works to train the professional automotive recycling industry. In addition, the vehicle owner may be eligible to receive a tax deduction. Most importantly, by opting into this program, consumers and automotive recyclers are choosing to support the best environmental outcome possible for an end-of-life ICE vehicle.

“Most gas-powered vehicles are 85-90 percent recyclable, which includes metal materials, tires, fluids, glass, plastic, fabric and rubber components,” said Joe Hearn, president and CEO of SHiFT. “By donating a vehicle through SHiFT, consumers not only help eliminate carbon emissions by retiring an ICE vehicle from the road but also ensure a steady supply of quality, ROE parts remain available for drivers who can’t yet make the transition to an electric or hybrid vehicle.” 

Hearn and other members of the SHiFT leadership team are attending the ARA Annual Convention and available for on-site interviews. Find the SHiFT team in booth number 914 or attend Hearn’s panel discussion, “How to Make SHIFT Work for Your Vehicle Needs,” taking place on Friday, October 13, beginning at 11:00 a.m. EST. 

“SHiFT and its partnership with ARTI is a win-win for consumers, recyclers, and most of all, the environment, ” said Jonathan Morrow, president of ARTI. “Automotive recyclers represent the original recycling industry. SHiFT will shine a light on the myriad ways recyclers are committed to reducing carbon emissions.” 


About SHiFT
SHiFT is a social enterprise committed to helping consumers and companies responsibly recycle vehicles with environmentally responsible protocols from start to finish.  The program was created to provide a trusted resource for reducing their carbon footprint.  

About ARTI

The Automotive Recycling Training Institute (ARTI) was formed with the purpose to provide the most up-to-date training and educational resources available for the automotive recycling industry.  The ARTI researches and collects training materials that are designed not only to train the upcoming workforce of the automotive recycling industry, but also to keep automotive recyclers educated in the most current technology and informed of improved methods of better business practices.