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Our world is more connected than ever before. Modern transportation has effectively made our world smaller and more accessible. However, these amazing transportation achievements are also a serious drag on our planet, even as we enter a new age of electrification. We may never be able to fully reverse the damage done in our lifetimes, but we can make changes to slow climate change by rethinking our transportation choices and how we retire our vehicles. 

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SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative is a social enterprise committed to helping consumers and companies responsibly recycle vehicles with environmentally responsible protocols from start to finish. The program was created to provide a trusted resource for reducing our carbon footprint. This program will responsibly recycle the vehicle while also supporting broader social impact goals.

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Automotive Recycling

Curious about what happens to cars after they are no longer driveable? Learn more about the people and ever-evolving processes of this industry here.


SHIFT’s partners are what makes this program possible. We are proud to be surrounded by a diverse and innovative community of leaders shaping Automotive Recycling.


SHIFT is confident in its ability to create transformational change for the planet. Come find out where we are coming from and where we are headed.


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Retire your vehicle and help support the Automotive Recycling Training Institute train Automotive Recyclers for the best environmental outcomes in their work while also making a difference for the plant.