SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative is a social enterprise committed to helping consumers and companies responsibly recycle vehicles with environmentally sound protocols from start to finish. We aim to elevate the great work Automotive Recyclers have done for decades and to help quantify and share the incredible carbon reduction that Automotive Recycling provides for the transportation industry. Every end-of-life vehicle is a critical moment for our planet and SHiFT is ready to answer the call. 

This is a new program that takes the industry further by retiring internal combustion engines and bringing together a diverse partnership network focused on telling this fantastic recycling story. The research and effects of our impact will be an ongoing project. Check back often for updates as we learn and grow this effort.

To learn about automotive recycling, click here. To join our partnership network, click here.

Our Values Are Simple

Work Together

We support and cooperate with the great work already being done by Automotive Recyclers.  

No group can do this alone. We are proud to partner with a variety of businesses and individuals to create an expansive program servicing the entire country.

Act Now, For Our Future

The planet cannot wait. By ensuring ICE vehicles are dismantled and recycled in a way that reduces the future carbon emissions of that vehicle and that as many parts as possible are recycled or reused, SHiFT is playing a critical role in moving the automotive industry towards a more circular economy while also helping to reduce future carbon emissions.

Support Small Business

We believe in the power of small business to affect big changes. Automotive Recyclers are hardworking, active members of their local communities and this program helps their businesses thrive while contributing to the local economy. ARS is a small business focused on remarketing ELVs. And together these small businesses are making a big impact.  

SHiFT your thinking. SHiFT your ideas of transportation.

Who Powers SHiFT?

In addition to our robust Partner network, SHiFT Vehicle Retirement Initiative is powered by the team at Advanced Remarketing Services. For more than 15 years, ARS has been developing innovative solutions in the Automotive Recycling industry with end-of-life vehicles. Prior to the launch of SHiFT, ARS has directed more than 35,000 vehicles directly to recyclers on behalf of our charity, government, manufacturer and insurance partners resulting in significant carbon savings.

SHiFT is a natural evolution of the important environmental work the ARS team has performed over the years and they look forward to making an even bigger impact on this planet and the automotive industry through the collaborative efforts of SHiFT.

SHiFT at a Glance:

  • Network of the very best environmentally focused partners
  • Unit by unit approach to carbon reduction
  • Environmentally focused Automotive Recycling process that guarantees the vehicle processed is not returned to operation.
  • Support and supplement the certification of Automotive Recyclers, their operations, and training with guidelines and resources