Fleet Retirement

When your operational fleet reaches a point of replacement or full retirement, our team can offer environmentally responsible solutions.  Services include remarketing management but can also include destruction, title processing and de-identification.  We can harvest the value for our partners and recycle the rest.

Heavy Equipment

Spent or damaged equipment assets can be recycled with a focus on the best environmental outcome. Much of the value of the assets is in the ferrous materials, however hydraulic components can also deliver high returns. Let our team identify a plan and a value for you.

Commercial Assets

Our team can offer environmentally responsible solutions for all your needs. We can harvest the value for our partners and recycle the rest.

Manufacturing & Recall Retirement

We have years of experience handling asset destruction for issues including safety, parts supply or intellectual property.  Needs can be discussed and process outcomes can be designed and delivered.  

Insurance Total Loss

This includes predictive total loss vehicles, high mileage and high year damage indicates; we can help reduce and meet ESG Goals. We also have programs to resolve title issues, obtain alternative titles or certificates of destruction.

Abandoned or Repossessed ELVs

Every year millions of vehicles are abandoned or borrowers stop payment. Many of these units are not worth the cost of transportation and processing. We have alternatives that we would love to talk to you about.